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Social Security Disability

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 Federal law states that you must be off work for a year or be expected to be off work for a year to qualify for social security disability benefits. If your disability claim has been denied, the Law Office of Gregory L. Groth can help guide you in the next steps.

The federal government recognizes various impairments that are severe enough to prevent work. If your disability is not listed, a judge can make an exception. Our firm has successfully represented clients with impairments on and off this list:

  • Work injury, such as a back injury or repetitive strain injury
  • Mental impairment, such as depression
  • Physical impairment, such as a deformity
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer

Whatever your impairment, we can help strengthen your disability claim. We can direct you to physicians who can file detailed reports about your condition. Our skill and experience helps us move your claim quickly and efficiently through the appeals process.

Denied Claim? We Guide You Through the Appeals Process

After your initial claim is denied, you need to get an attorney involved to confidently move on to appeals. If you have received a Notice of Denial from the Social Security Disability Administration, contact us as soon as possible. We can assist you through the Reconsideration, Request for Hearing and Appeals Council levels of appeals, as well as make sure you meet the deadlines for filing.

Whether your disability claim is resolved early or must ultimately proceed to hearing, we are your advocate in the appeals process. We can also help determine if you are qualified to receive supplement security income (SSI), Medicare benefits, and/or Medicaid benefits.

We Don’t Get Paid Unless You Get Paid

Social Security Disability FAQs

Why do I need legal representation?
Why do I need the Law Office of Gregory L. Groth?
What will it cost?
How much money will I get?
How long will it take for me to get my benefits?
What do I have to do if the Law Office of Gregory L. Groth represents me?

Why do I need legal representation?

-Deadlines and Paperwork - You will be dealing with a large governmental bureaucracy and the process is time consuming. The Social Security Administration requires you to file precise paperwork with the proper department by their deadlines. Most initial applications are denied. Each appeal must be filed using the proper form and meeting the deadline. You can be denied for missing a deadline regardless of your disability.
-Proof of Disability - You must prove you are disabled under Social Security's definitions of disability.
-Hearing Advocate ~ Most people win their cases at the hearing level. This means you must present your case before a judge. Medical and vocational experts will testify and you may not have the expertise to cross-examine them.

Why do I need the Law Office of Gregory L. Groth?

-Our #1 objective is to win your case.
-We are professional, diligent and very successful with our Social Security cases.
-We have experience and a proven track record of over 25 years experience in handling Social Security Disability cases.
-We will give you an honest opinion about whether or not we can help you.
-We work our cases. We will fully develop your case to increase your chances of winning.
-We will make sure you get a fair hearing.

What will it cost?

-Nothing up-front - your initial consultation is free.
-Nothing if we don't win - you do not owe us a fee. Social Security must approve any fee. The SSA approved fee is currently 25% of the past due benefits, and is currently capped at $6,000; therefore, the attorney fee is either 25% of the past due benefit or $6,000 whichever amount is less!

How much money will I get?

-Your "back-pay" depends on many things
-Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB); To be eligible for DIB, you must have earned enough "credits." The credits are based on how long you worked and how recently you worked. We will be happy to give you the specifics. If you have not worked in the past 6 years you may not be eligible for DIB, but you may still qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits!
-Supplemental Security Income (SSI): To be eligible for SSI, your income must be below the amount set by Social Security. Your eligibility for SSI is based on your household income, assets, and the number of dependants living in your household. The U.S. Congress sets limits on SSI pay for individuals and couples.

How long will it take for me to get my benefits?

-This is a very slow process. However, our team's experience with the Social Security Administration will make this process smoother for you.
-If you have just applied for benefits, it may take 60-90 days just to receive the initial decision, which is often a denial. There may be another 60-day appeal deadline and another 60-90 days for a decision. It could take 12-18 months or longer for a hearing date. Depending on individual circumstances, a case could take two years or more before a decision.

What do I have to do if the Law Office of Gregory L. Groth represents me?

-Keep in touch - if you move or change your phone numbers, let us know.
-Be honest with us ~ We need to know all the facts to give you the best advice and representation possible.
-Let us know if Social Security contacts you ~ call us if you get mail from SSA that you don't understand. Some items need to be filled out by you, but we will assist you with the paperwork and will explain the process.
-Tell us about changes in your health or medical treatment ~ tell us if your condition changes or if you see other doctors so that we can obtain your medical records and gather the evidence we need to submit to Social Security.

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